Sunday, November 27, 2011

Table Runners

The table runners are done already!  I really like how the opposite side wove up!  Look at that neat texture!!  I love those little designs!

 Even though I ironed these already, they still look pretty wrinkled.  I am not sure if they just need another washing or if my iron isn't getting hot enough anymore.  But the weaving design is really cool!

 And here is the other side, but again, it looks pretty wrinkled.  I might try washing one again to see if it helps, and taking it out of the dryer while it's still a little moist.  That would probably help quite a bit!  I also see a few threads that need to be trimmed, but otherwise, they turned out pretty cute!

I have some more of the cotton to use!  I think I might do a twill runner next!  I am going to try using quite a few colors in the warp.  I think that will look really neat!