Sunday, November 20, 2011

Table Runner

This project is weaving up super fast because the yarn is so chunky!  I love the look of summer and winter with these greens.  I used Bertha Gray Hayes' "trellis" pattern, but I had to modify it to be a little bit smaller because this yarn is very big.  This project has a sett of 10 ends per inch.  When using the modified pattern in summer and winter, I only got 2 repeats on this project in about a 12" width.  But doesn't it have a neat texture?

The original pattern changed into a profile draft: 


 My modified version:
(Note: I made 2 repeats across in this example so
you can see what the table runner will look like)

So far, so good!


 And the backside under the loom:

(My weaving companion for this project was Zip!)

This is only a 3 yard warp, so I will probably rip right though this project!  I think I want to do another runner in an 8-shaft twill next, and then after that I want to explore this trellis pattern again with my 12/2 cotton.  I think I will be set with project for a few weekends anyway!