Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Trees are done!

I have made it in time for the craft show, thanks to the swiftness of the shuttles.   I was on fire when I was weaving with those things!!  They made the work go SO FAST that it's almost scary!  I'm thinking of putting on larger warps than 6 yards now because the warping time vs. weaving time just wasn't balanced enough.

Thanks trusty shuttles!!  My LYS was kind enough to let me borrow a few smaller sizes to try.  My favorite is the 11" boat shuttle because you can grip it well with your thumbs at each end of  the pass.  It was also a bit shorter so it fit under my shed easily.  The bottom is solid so you can't accidentally flip it upside down.  And it glides so nicely!

And now, for the tree towels....

We have two towels completely covered in trees, and when it's hung on a towel rack, all the trees are right-side up because I wove 4 trees standing up and 4 trees upside down on each one.

On these four towels, only the bottoms have trees and the middle is all plain weave.  I especially like the brown towel with the green tree stripe!

This is the same towel as above, but stretched out for viewing.  I really like that green stripe with the trees!!  I should have made more of those!

And I'm officially ready for the craft fair!  I have 23 hand woven towels to sell, some pot holders (remember the Dominoes?), a few knitted things, and some apple pie jam and applesauce.

It feels good to be done with this!  
Now... onto the next projects.
I really need to tackle those Christmas cards!!!