Friday, June 29, 2012

Back at the bookmark factory...

After making the first set of 100 bookmarks, I realized there were  a few things I could fix to make them look even better, even though the first round was already really good!

First, I am going to put some "garbage yarn" between each bookmark so I have more time to sew the edges when I take them off the loom, and then just cut out the "garbage yarn" after sewing the edges.  Second, I noticed the one inch work space was a bit small when I used 8-shaft patterns.  I can squeeze less than 2-4 repeats of a pattern in each bookmark.  I noticed the 4-shaft patterns I did use on a few of them looked really neat, so I am going to go with a few more of those, although I do plan to use the 8-shaft for most of them because it looks so neat!

Here is a really cool picture I received over email of how the bookmarks are being used: 

And a few progress pics... you might recognize these from my movie!  The movie was all about making these bookmarks.  I sent a movie link to the people I am weaving these bookmarks for and they loved it!!!

I am really thankful for this weaving job as well as all the other summer jobs I have been able to find.  We have been able to power through one credit card of debt from Brian having to go back to school, and now we just need to start paying off one last ENORMOUS flight loan and we will be free of debt, except for the house, of course!  Also, with all of this summer work, I have finally paid for my 8-shaft loom I bought last year!  It's officially mine!!!!!