Thursday, June 14, 2012

Linda's project is done!

Just finished Linda's project!

According to my calculations, I should have had more warp leftover, but the little knots were right at the heddles when I finally finished!  I thought I calculated everything correctly, but I am SO GLAD I was finally able to finish this project!  It has been a little bit stressful since February when Linda asked me to weave it.  I mean, first the yarn fiasco when it wouldn't come in, and then I found out it might be discontinued after I get started, and then I ran out of red right in the middle of the table runner... now I just have to hope it shrinks down 10-15% in the washing machine and dryer, like I originally calculated it would do!

Soon, it will be on its lovely way to Kansas where Linda can enjoy these beautiful pieces on her dining room table!