Monday, June 18, 2012

Go Stash-Busters!!!!

Here's another balloon picture from the launch on Sunday morning!
This was actually the only balloon that launched due to the wind.  And we heard they pretty much landed in a field somewhere.  It's been fun participating in some of these local festivities!

Anyway, moving along into weaving stuff:

I've done very few rugs before, so I don't really know what I'm doing!  
But this is sort of an experiment so I can learn the basics and then maybe next time make adjustments.

I started out with my 2 yard warp from this luxurious French crochet yarn... from the thrift store and in my stash.
I sett 2 strands at 8 epi.  Then I put both strands through 1 heddle...
yes, I broke a weaving rule!  Or did I?

The weft yarn is brittle wool from my stash that is really only good for rugs.

And here it is so far!

It's really quite cool looking!  So far, the rug is very soft and I think it will give some great cushion on our tile floor.

By the way, this little amount was 6 bobbins of yarn!!
Holy cow... I think I should be moving faster than I really am, but this is it!  This is definitely a project which will take some time... but that's ok.  It keeps me busy and out of trouble AND it is a stash-busting project!