Friday, June 22, 2012

Up close & Far away

The thing about any craft is you have to consider both the up close details and the far away big picture.  It's kind of cool that way!


The whole picture

This is weaving up so quickly!  Don't you just love the pink?!  I think it breathes lots of life into these napkins!  I'm hoping Aunt Katie in Seattle likes the combination, too!

I'm trying a video as an experiment.  In fact, I'm trying to make a whole weaving video that will be about 10 minutes!  This title is one of my favorite parts so far!!!  Sorry my head is cut off... I was trying to get the feet and the shafts, but just ran out of room for my big head.  Oh, and although you may believe I move this fast, I don't normally... the video has been sped up NINE times faster! 

 And now, I'll close with some garden updates:

Future Pumpkin pies

A random potato from last year

Random and unknown plants from compost seeds... ooops... mental note to self, remove the seeds


More random and unknown plants

More future pumpkin pies

the apples, so far

the half living-half dead peach tree, so far