Friday, June 8, 2012

They're ready to ship!

After weaving all the bookmarks, I sew in-between the channels, iron the sheet, then cut them apart. Then I have to pick all the little strings and lint off.

Sewing these empty channels always seems like a hair raising experience to me because I feel like there is limited time between taking it off the loom and the threads filling those empty spaces.  It always freaks me out a little tiny bit and raises my blood pressure somewhat, especially when it's a project for someone else!

But it always works out ok!  I think next time I am going to leave a little bit more space than I did this time.  It was a tight fit, but worked just fine.  I also think I'm going to put some filler yarn in the channels just so the threads don't move.  Then I'll cut out the filler yarn.

After cutting them apart, I had to go and pick and trim all the tiny threads that came off.  It takes quite a bit of time, but this makes the edges look really clean!

Now I'm ready to ship them, and before I start on the other 1900, I feel like I want to wait for the  "These are great!  Now make the other 1900!"  It's a huge commitment and I don't want to have something happen.  So, now my other loom sits and wait for a tie-on!  What a predicament to be in... I just barely got the 4-shaft up and running after a 4 month stall!