Saturday, February 11, 2012

Trellis Table Runner

I am flabbergasted by all custom requests I've had lately, especially so close to post-Christmas stuff.  I am working very hard to fill them all in a timely manner.  I LOVE all this extra weaving work!  I have been weaving on school nights just to keep it all caught up.  I don't usually do that, but I like how it gives me a taste of the weekend during the busy work day.  And all this work helps pay for my weaving habit!  In fact, any money I make on weaving, I put back into weaving with either supplies like yarn or books or whatever tool I need.  I love it!

My friend is dying to have me make her a table runner out of this trellis design!  She has been asking me for months!  At first she wanted a table runner like the one I made my mom, but I don't have enough supplies for one exactly like that.  Also, it doesn't have enough repeats in the design to be super effective.  AND, if you remember correctly, I had to skew the design so it could fit in the given space.  Since my friend wants a narrow table runner, so I suggested we go back to the original overshot design by Bertha Gray Hayes so we can get more repeats of the pattern.

The finished project needs to be about 30cm by 1.5 meters, 
or about 1 foot wide and 60 inches long.
So we are aiming for something like this practice piece:

In the zen towel colors:

So here are the 5 choices I presented her with. 
Because of the design AND the colors, some of these are pretty wild looking!
In order to get in all five colors and also to make the warp thread twice as thick, I am going to double the blue with the purple.  I just couldn't show that in these drafts:






We're going to go ahead with plan #1!
Look out eyeballs...