Friday, February 24, 2012

Weave Design tutorial

I use the Weave Design program made by the Pikes Place Weavers guild and love it!  It is found here:  It's really cheap, and because of that it's a very simple program, but it leaves me with more yarn money that way!

My friend Sharon wanted a tutorial to use this program.  So, here are some pictures to summarize how to use it!

You can save the settings on this screen so they will appear like this each time.  Go to "tools" and "default properties" to do that.

Repeating a weaving pattern:

Here's an upclose view of the choices:

Once you choose your color, you can start clicking in the boxes (below the threading and to the side of the treadling) for your thread colors.

It seems to be a pretty cool program considering it's so cheap, but it does have a few strange things, too.  For example, there is something strange going on with print preview.  Sometimes you have to view it twice before you can make changes to the way you want to view it!  Weird...

Please let me know if anyone wants any more information!