Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Scarves

I had a friend approach me a few weeks ago asking me to make them a scarf.  This person can't stand wool, so I suggested pearle cotton like the scarves I've been making recently.  In fact, I showed him the red hound's tooth scarf I made for my sister's friend.  He liked that scarf a whole lot and even picked out a 4-shaft pattern out of Marguerite Davidson's book. You might remember this pattern because I needed some help with it.

I thought that this pattern was done with different colored warp threads...

....but come to find out, it is a solid colored warp and solid colored weft.

We both agreed that this pattern done up in yellow and red isn't very pleasant.  
It's way too yellowy and bright!
And... it just doesn't look like the pattern in the book, which is a bit troublesome.

So I played with the colors some more to get the pattern to look more like what we perceived in the book.

But I'm not sure he likes it just yet.  SO.... I wait to warp until we get it just right!
I'll put this one on the end of my list for now.  Hopefully we can figure something out. 
While I wait, I will be working on these rainbow scarves for 2 other people I know.  
They remind me of the Skittles candy motto: "Taste the rainbow!"
We're making these scarves out of 10/2 perle cotton and they will be 6" across.
I'm going to warp 5 yards, that will be about 2.5 yards per scarf.
And of course, lots of fringe will be included!

Option 1:

Option 2:
(This is the one we're going with!!!)

I got the warping paddle already.  And I'm so excited to try it out!
I'll get started as soon as the purple yarn comes in!