Monday, February 13, 2012

Warp of pink and orange

We've set sail on another project!

Just in case you missed it all yesterday, we've got the zen towel colors weaving into a table runner that will be 12x60 inches.  I am going to make it 13" across so there is room for shrinking.  I am setting it at 20 epi and threading it to Bertha Gray Hayes Trellis overshot design.  I made a 6 yard warp so I could possibly keep/give away/or sell it.  I have 260 warp ends to thread now!  The tabby weft will be yellow and the floating overshot yarn will be the blue and purple mixed together.  I think I am just going to lay them next to each other on the shuttle.  I've done that before and it gets off just a little bit, but it all seems to work out OK in the end!