Thursday, February 2, 2012

Armadillo in Amarillo

I have never actually seen an armadillo in person, I was not even lucky enough to see a dead one on the side of the road when my dad and I drove to Texas in 2010.

In fact, my first encounter with the word "armadillo" was watching the movie Steel Magnolias.  Remember the funny groom's cake that the aunt makes?  It's an armadillo shaped red velvet cake:

Man, that is one ugly cake!  Anyway, I'm hoping that my little woven armadillos will look enough like the real thing or at least be cute enough to hold their own ground.  Or else I will have to stick to things I know better, like rattlesnakes, coyotes, and saguaro cactus!  Speaking of which, my mind is really abuzz with ideas to go beyond Amy's book... but my goal is to first get through her stuff!

Here are some threading pictures:



We're finally ready to weave!!!

And this is what the kitties were doing while I was threading:

Scout was sitting really funny, almost like a human!

And Zip insisted on pulling down a quilt from the back of the chair and sitting in it!  He seriously gave me this "What do you want now?" look!

P.S. I'm all ready with the stuffing... I went to Hobby Lobby last weekend with a 40% off coupon and found this ENORMOUS box of poly-fill stuffing!  It's 5 lbs!  When I did the gators, each took at least 6 oz, or half a bag of stuffing.  So this box should last for at least 10 critters!