Sunday, February 5, 2012

parts and pieces

The body fabric is all woven and washed up!

 The left side is the front of the cloth and the right side is the back of the cloth.

 It has such a great texture!!  I wish I could let you feel it.
The texture is very coarse and hardy.


 It took awhile to get all these parts and pieces ready!

Here's the pieces of interfacing all ironed onto the cloth.  
Now I have to cut them out and I can start sewing!  I can't wait!


 I have noticed a small logic error I've made, but I don't think it will be a big deal.
For some reason, this is how I visualized all the pieces laid out on the cloth.

But after running some errands and coming back, I realized this is how it should look:

Why?  The little check should be up and down.  I don't think it's a big deal, especially if I keep it the same with each one.  It will just give it character, right?!  And that great handmade look!  Also, there was a threading error that wasn't very apparent from the backside of the fabric but it's more apparent on the front side.  There's not much I can do about it now.  The first way I ironed on all the pieces hid it real well, but this second way does not.  Oh well... it's all handmade and has to be expected!  And such a huge learning experience!

Oh, and PS.  I still have 1/3 of my body cloth leftover!!!  YIKES!!!  I already have 8 armadillos and only enough shell fabric for 8!!  Now I can have more if I weave more shell fabric!  Maybe I should make some armadillo babies....

 So if you want a b-day recap from yesterday: It was a great day!  I ate ice cream 3 different times: with lunch, with dinner, and with dessert.  PLUS, I made out with some great loot!

A sachiko table runner from mom:

combined loot: tea, train pattern, some books to read!

 Super beautiful and extra soft yarn... 
and YES!!  I can't wait to think of something for this!  The gears are already chugging!

And an MP3 player all for myself for MY music!
8 whole gigs of it... which is well over 1200 songs... rather than 30 like the old one!!!
WITH a screen to see what I'm doing!
AND you can get a small card that is 32 gigs for really cheap... that's a LOT of music!

Awesome day and awesome year ahead!!!