Monday, February 27, 2012

Mason & Dixon revisited

This has been my "to-go" project for a few weeks now.  My mom asked me to knit this for her, so I do it in my non-weaving times... which hasn't been much with the whole Weaving a Zoo thing.  I started it during Christmas break while waiting in the airport for the plane.  It's been a slow process... But I thought I would share anyway! 

These might be considered oldies by now, but they will always be classics: The Mason & Dixon Chevron Striped Hand Towels from their 1st book, page 27.

Without fail, I ALWAYS get the pattern mixed up because of how reduced it is to save text!  So this time I wrote in my book... I'm sure to remember now!!!

Knitting definitely takes more time than weaving... that is for sure!  Talk about a slow moving project... I could have had these done by now on my loom!

But I still enjoy it!