Saturday, July 9, 2011

Atypical Profile Draft

I've been thinking a lot lately about profile drafts and came across an atypical situation.  Take a look at this draft, the Gartner Manuscript on page 74:

It was kind of throwing me for a loop because of the tie-up section.  I have only seen and work with tie-ups that are lined up like this: 

But notice how different it makes the draft look!  What is one to do if they want to make it into a pattern?  Well, you definitely have to take the tie-up into consideration.  And it's easier than you think.  After plugging it into the draft program using summer and winter as an example, I have figured out how to use it!

Basically, all you have to do is just mesh the tie-ups together to include all the shaded areas.  The above pattern shows blocks A, B, and C in order across so the tie-up is just normal for summer and winter.  In the below tie-up, the blocks are A, C, and then B&C are combined, so your tie-up for summer and winter would be in that order, meshing (or combining) the last two together.  Compare these examples:


Notice the few slight changes in the second tie-up pattern.  In the bottom example, the third tie-up combines the tie-ups for both blocks B&C.

Here are the drafts all filled in with summer and winter.  Notice the changes between the two.  It makes quite the difference to have the tie-up done right, but still makes a neat looking draft to change it a little bit.

Original draft from Gartner Manuscript page 74

Tie-up is more normal than original draft

I have been so focused on summer and winter lately that I haven't plugged in any other threading yet, but I'm sure it would work the same with any chosen pattern structure.  I hope this tutorial helps get your brain thinking about other kinds of patterns that are out there!  I love the profile drafts, they open up so many different doors.  They also open up a lot of designing opportunities.  Have fun!!!!