Wednesday, July 27, 2011

P2P2 plaid

I've decided to press forward with the plaid blanket idea because of the time constraints, but I want to keep the other ideas on the back burner to investigate at another time.  I might be able to get some of the other ideas down before the deadline, but I feel like I need to complete something by 8/31/11 so I'm proceeding with something that I feel like I can accomplish in a month.  After this plaid, I would like to try some double weave and turned summer and winter in other projects.

So this is the original picture:

A lot of people seem to be messing with their images and I tried it, but it just doesn't feel right.  It just feels like I'm rigging it to get the colors that I want to get from it.

So I went back to the original image and I started playing with the color temperature and made it look more blue.  But I decided that it was the overall non-blue tone that I liked about the original picture.

So I made the saturation a little bit stronger.  

Then I decided to just pull colors that I saw from the original image.

I definitely see a lot of water so I want blue to represent it and green for the shrubs...

But there is also a yellow overtone in the image as a whole... so I traded out the off-white for a light yellow.

But looking closer at the photo, the roof tops have a copper color to it, and they do sparkle throughout the picture.  So maybe just one strand of the copper color in the plaid would be a good representation...

But I'm not sure if I like the yellow with all those other colors.  The off-white almost works better in this plaid... But I think I could go either way on this one.

I like them all... maybe I'll have to flip some coins...