Sunday, July 17, 2011

Summer and Winter sample

So far, the summer and winter project designed from the profile draft is coming along, however I have come across a few challenges along the way, as usual!  I found just one threading error, and it was easy enough to fix.  The only concern now is that the design looks really stretched out when I weave it.  (I think this is where sampling would have been a good idea!)  Originally I planned for 27 epi, but I wouldn't have been able to squeeze in 3 repeats of this design without 30 epi.  So that is why I went with 30.  Also, I knew right away that I wanted to use the same size pattern thread as warp thread.  But I'm sure now that I miscalculated the epi.  Because it's summer and winter, I needed to use a tabby epi, and when I did 10/2 back in April in the weave-along, I used 20 epi.  12/2 cotton is not much different in size, so maybe the 10 dent reed with 2 threads per dent (20 epi) would have been a better choice here.  Now that I think about this, I wonder what was I thinking with 30 epi?!  In order to address this, I think I might try half the treadling just to see what happens, like 1a2b instead of 1a2b1a2b.  Otherwise, I might just have to improvise along the way.

Here is a sample so far.  It's pretty even though it's stretched out!

So far the weaving width is about 22.5".  I think for a dishtowel, 4 rows will be perfect!  It will be about 32" long, plus the fringe length.  Here is a close-up photo:

I am doing my usual hem-stitch edging.  I love the way it looks in the end!  It's so pretty.

And the back of the fabric is looking good also.  Because it's the summer and winter pattern, the back is a complete opposite of the front. What is dark is light, and what is light is dark on the opposite sides.

Even though it's stretched out, I do like the colors and the design!  I'll keep experimenting!  Good thing I have an 8 yard warp!