Friday, July 1, 2011

The UW project

I have secretly been weaving this project for my three brother-in-laws.  It originated as a high school graduation gift for the youngest, but all of my husband's brothers have been or are going to University of Washington.  So I decided to make a dishtowel with some school spirit.  I wanted to include the school colors and also something having a "W" in it because it's referred to as "U-Dub" a lot.  I also decided a 4-shaft twill would be fun to do again, something nice and straight forward!

I used 12/2 cotton, with 30 epi.  I only wanted a few towels so it is just a 4 yard warp.  The hardest part was figuring out how many threads of each color I needed to warp without having any leftovers or being short.  So, I decided I would shoot for about a 20" towel, which is about 30 repeats of this pattern.  I wanted to begin and end with a purple and white stripe rotation.  So in warping terms, it was 17 whites, 68 purples, and 214.5 yellows around the warp board.  It ends up being about 600 threads total.  Thanks to Scout for helping me keep track of my notes!

Honestly, I do admit I am not head-over-heels about this particular color combination, but I love the design!

I really like how I'm really practicing weaving now.  I can quickly get a design in my head and get it down on paper exactly how I want it and know exactly what to do to get there in just a matter of minutes.  It's becoming so familiar.  I love it!