Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Complete Book of Drafting for Handweavers


The Complete Book of Drafting for Handweavers is an excellent resource for both 4-shaft and 8-shaft weavers!  I discovered this book last summer at the White Rock Weaving Center in Dallas, TX.

I love the vocabulary lists (seen on the left in the sample page below).  I also love the pictures.  They are very easy to understand.  The book is filled with all kinds of valuable information.  It also has practice lessons for you to do.  Here is the table of contents:

Part I: The basic weaves
The family tree weaves
reading drafts
Writing drafts
Understanding the basic weaves
Drafting twills and color-and-weave

Part II: Blocks
Key to block weaves
Reading profile drafts
Writing profile drafts
Understanding overshot
Drafting overshot
From blocks to units

Part III: Unit weaves
Understanding lace weaves
Drafting lace
Understanding Damask
Drafting damask
Understanding tied weaves
Drafting tied weaves
Understanding patterned double weave
Understanding Stitched double cloth
Understanding lampas
Drafting double weave

Part IV: Extras
Understanding turned drafts
Understanding blended drafts
Understanding network drafting
Understanding fabric analysis

For further study
Graph paper and design sheets