Thursday, July 21, 2011

Balanced weave

It feels SO good to be weaving again being at girls camp for 5 days!  And I'm happy to announce that we've achieved a balance weave!  I had to cheat a little bit and do a 1a2b pattern, which is half the size it should be.  But I think it will be just fine!  And it looks great.  Here is a big shot:

And a close up shot:

I am thinking of throwing in some other pattern colors just for fun, like a brown or rust.  Maybe even a white might be fun!  I am having fun making this pattern.  I'm might cut off the first two and washing them up to see how they look.

I'm glad I figured out this balance thing!  Next time, a looser epi like 20 would be better with this 12/2 cotton.  I'll just have to try another project and weave some more!