Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Gartner Manuscript

I found an amazing book filled with profile drafts!  It is called The Garetner Manuscript and it's simply amazing!!!  It is good for both 4-shaft and 8-shaft weavers, however I think 8-shaft weavers might find it a little bit more useful than 4-shaft weavers.

Apparently a man-weaver named Franz Xavier Gartner came to America from Germany in 1832 and he brought his father's book of weaving patterns with him.  This book contains pictures of the original drafts as well as computer generated drafts.  It also includes some of their family history because Gartner recorded it in his weaving book.  I imagine it must have been a very important book to him and his family.  It was later rediscovered and translated in the 1970s by Gene Valk.  Also, I think it's neat that all the profits from the sales of this book go to a Historical Society in New York in the place where Gartner lived.  That's pretty cool to keep the traditions and history alive!

I like how the book is organized.  Here is a sample of what the pages look like.  They are really easy to read and follow.  I like how they included every little detail from the original book.  Even if a page was left blank, there's a picture of it and a description.  It contains all the little notes that Gartner made throughout.  It's really neat to study!

I'm so excited to dig into these profile drafts and start designing some weaving projects using them.  I want to do some summer and winter and some lace.  Overshot will also be a must for some of my projects!!