Saturday, July 23, 2011

P2P2 ideas

I have put together some P2P2 ideas to work with.  It was hard, but I finally have it down to 2 photos, now I just have to get my ideas out there and pick one to work with.

The first picture is so relaxing just to look at.  It is a great scenic shot of boats from Australia.  I just keep imagining myself relaxing and watching the boats.  I feel inspired by this picture to design something made of plaid in a relaxing combination of colors.  I love the gray-ish blue in this picture, and the green from the trees.  I can imagine it with an off-white.

Here is the plaid design so far:

The second picture I have in mind to work with is this one from the gardens:

I already have the yarn picked out from my vacation to Utah.

 I originally designed this:

But I'm not sure how to weave something like this.  It would be easy if I were making a quilt!

So now I want to focus on the stripes in the leaves and the elongation of them.  I picked out this pattern from page 56 in the "Eight shafts: A Place to Begin" and really like it but it does have a few flaws:

The only thing I worry about is the length of some of those float threads in the purple color.  Some are WAY long.... like 12 threads long and what's strange is that the picture in the book doesn't seem to have these floats.... weird.

Anyway, I'm glad to have finally narrowed down the choices!  I have about a month to finish the project.  No problemo!