Monday, September 17, 2012

A game of dominoes anyone?

These are the borders I want to include in my next set of dominoes, and I think it will cut down the weird floats at the edges.  I just did a 1-2-3-4 or 4-3-2-1 run all the way around.  Now I just need to remember to center the design better, or just include a few repeats at the left hand edge so it looks better centered, and then I think it will be a really great looking scarf!  I can't wait to get started on the next one.  I also really want to do jitterbug!  It's a really cute design, too!

I pulled the dominoes off the loom.  They are really good, and I like them a lot, but I will like them even more with the few changes that I mentioned before.  I think they would make a stunning scarf, and be very warm in wool.

Here are some more shots:

 This is the pattern on the other side, which you actually see in Bertha's book:

And I tried a little bit in green:

And the other side, which is almost more stunning than the first side:

The rainbow portion:

I like the portions of the nature spun wool to the 20/2 wool.  Also, I think the red is even more stunning than the green, but I realize it's a matter of opinion:

The little stars between the designs really pop out!  They are cute!

I purposely made a smaller piece of the dominoes fabric 
so I could try felting it.  It happened to be the green:

 It's kind of neat looking and feeling when it's felted, 
but I think I truly like the original better:

I like this scarf idea a lot, but I think I am leaning towards Bertha Gray Hayes' jitterbug pattern.  It might be a neater overall pattern because it's less predictable.  The dominoes are very organized, and I think I want something that looks just a hair more chaotic!