Saturday, September 1, 2012

Tarantula vs. Frog: Viewer Discretion Adviced

Last night I went outside to check out the moon and while I was out there I was checking out our tarantula friend we named Tortuga.  She has lived in our yard for 3 years now, at least, maybe more.  Every monsoon season she comes out, and every winter she buries herself in this hole.  

Last night I noticed Tortuga and a small frog were both stuck in the tarantula hole and wiggling around like crazy. I poked at them both, they were alive and I wasn't sure what to think. I thought maybe a frog just got stuck and the tarantula butt was just hanging out there. I was worried they were suffocating.  Then I tried pulling on the little frog arm with my fingers because I wanted to "save" both of them.  Surely it was only by accident that this was happening!  The more I tugged and the more I dug, the more the frog was pulled into the hole. I guess it wasn't a struggle after all, but just a really large meal for a rainy day.

Then I ran and got the camera.

 This was the first good pic I could get, I wish I could have gotten what I first saw!

Then, because I am a little sick and weird, I had to go back for more.  So about 20 minutes later, I captured this picture.  The frog obviously had relaxed more, and was slipping into a tarantula-induced coma.

After this pic was taken, Tortuga the tarantula whisked Fred the frog under the sidewalk into her secret hidden lair and that was the end of my free entertainment by nature.  She'll be drinking this frog smoothie and it will keep her going until at least January.

And then  I went inside and washed my hands because it was only then that I realized I did in fact touch the frog.  SICK!