Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Fair results are IN!

All I have to say is, Wow. 
In 2010 when I first entered the fair, I was amazed that I won best of class with this one:

Then, in 2011, I thought it was grand that I received best of show for my pinwheel scarf, and it felt like I outdid myself from 2010!

And this year, in 2012, I didn't think it was possible to outdo myself from those other years, and yet I think I did!  I received two best of class ribbons this year on my animals!

The alligator and lion were entered under the home decor class as a group of stuffed animals:

The armadillo won best of class for weaving!

 My table runner won 1st place in the woven design category!

 My blues dishtowel won first place in the woven kitchen item category!

 My hand-dyed hound's tooth scarf won 2nd place in the hand-dyed category!

Here are some other woven items that I liked and they were made by fellow weavers, although I don't think I know them.  I didn't recognize the names anyway. 

This dishtowel had a great use of color and design! I want to make something like this!  In fact, it has a great texture, and I know this because I helped volunteer in this department this year and was able to feel and play with everything!

This shawl has a wonderful texture, and it's so lightweight and warm feeling!  It's also very soft.  And when the light hits it just right, you can see different designs.  Very beautiful!  It deserves its first place ribbon!

I came in after school one day to volunteer to arrange and hang things.  I did all the quilt hangings on my own!  It was so much fun to touch, see, and feel the things up close.  I had a really great time!   I loved this behind the scenes experience, and I hope to repeat it next year.

I love this arrangement of jars... it looks so organized and neat!  The department superintended did this while I worked on the quilts.  It looks so nice!


These were the hardest to hang!  I had to climb up on a ladder and then stretch to reach the top of the inch-thick plexiglass.... this is a professional hockey stadium!

 I really liked this sheep cross-stitch!  It's so cute and it inspires me in more than one way.  I can see potential with this one...

And here are some fun pictures from the evening!  I had a jolly good time!  I also got to see some of my students and their livestock projects.  It was fun to share in something that was not school related!   

Adios Fair...
Until next year...

...And I wonder what that will bring!!