Friday, September 14, 2012

Dominoes #21 REPEATED!

I really like Bertha Gray Hayes' miniature patterns in overshot.  They are amazing!!  I have done quite a few of them already, and it's my goal to do the whole book someday.  Back in June 2011, I already did the dominoes pattern with some potholders, but I wanted to see what it looked like with other yarn, maybe even a scarf.

I decided to break out my rainbow kool-aid dyed yarn.  What made me decide?  Working on the scarf for yoppie.  Mine was navajo plied, and it's much scratchier than the other yarn, so it's not quite the same.  And I'm doing an overshot pattern with it, but this was still inspired from that scarf!

My warp threads are 20/2 wool, which after getting to work with it, it's terrible stuff.   It breaks so easily because of how small it is!  I just have to learn to be even more gentle than ever before.  Cotton is so robust...

This is Bertha Gray Hayes Dominoes #21... Love it!  I love anything Bertha Gray Hayes!!  Her patterns are SOOOO awesome!  I have displayed this stuff on Ravelry and have sold quite a few copies of her book for her, because of all my work!  I wouldn't be surprised if this sold a few more copies...

Stats: 20/2 wool sett at 24 epi, 2 threads per dent on #12 reed.  Pattern weft: 3-ply yarn that smells delicious, like fruit.