Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Not your Grandma’s Polyester Scarf in Road Construction Orange and Aqua

I have two nephews and their birthdays are 3 days apart.  Actually, they're 368 days in age from each other, but I treat them like twins and give them matching things, whether they like it or not.

One nephew is severely allergic to animals.

Any animal.

He can't even be around anything  made from animal hair!

Not even Zip and Scout, our cats.  When they visit, we sit on the porch or hang out at the mall.

This means wool is out.  :-(  Like, WAY out!!


Last year I tried making some cotton scarves for my nephews, but they turned out a bit on the small side, and they were a bit stiff.  As I was at the local hobby store, I decided to look through their polyester yarn.  I never go down the polyester yarn aisle, in fact, I run from it.  I also run from worsted weight yarns.  But I decided to give it a try this year for a scarf for my poor little animal-less nephew.

And I found just the right colors: Aqua and Super orangy Orange from Hobby Lobby

It's like road construction orange!

It's so orange, it almost hurts my eyes!!!

I decided to do an nice classy design like hounds tooth.  I love hounds tooth!!

Two hounds tooth scarves in aqua and road construction orange coming right up for the birthday boys!!

I have it sett at 9 in a #10 reed, and it was a bit tricky because the pattern repeat is every 8 threads... but it is weaving up to be 6" across.  You can see just how big this design is!

Maybe the size is better noted in this picture:

Isn't it great?!  It's not thick like a rug, it's super soft, the hounds tooth are HUGE, it's WAY cool, super orange, and it's ALL POLYESTER!!  Who knew cheap worsted weight polyester could be so much fun to play with!!!  And best of all, each skein was only $3.99... WOW!  I can make at least 2 scarves with 2 skeins!!!  Booya!!  I've never been this excited about polyester worsted weight yarn before!!!

 It was easy taking up close pictures this time because these are so big!

But alas, they're ready to send off to Utah!

My nephews are going to flip when they see these!!  I think these will be a huge hit this year!  And my sister is going to want one herself!  Her birthday is in November.  I guess I'd better go back to Hobby Lobby for more polyester yarn!
I love how quickly these weave up!!