Saturday, September 22, 2012

Sizzling polyester scarf!!

"Sizzling" is the word for this scarf... it's almost too hot to touch!

With this scarf and the last few, my world has been flipped up-side down!

It's polyester.

POLYESTER!!!!!  From a consignment store (next step up from a thrift store!)

What the heck is wrong with me?!

Polyester wasn't even in my vocabulary for years.  I rid my whole yarn collection of polyester a few years ago.  I was a wool, cotton, and natural fiber fan.  I was a purist.  I was a naturalist.  I was a YARN SNOB!!!

But a different world exists around me, they have the money to fund my weaving adventures and they are not always fans of wool and cotton, or the prices of those either.

So I changed my perspectives.  Polyester is so cost effective and these scarves are so fast to warp and weave, why not lower my prices for my customers?  I'm already competing with stores like Old Navy and Wal-Mart, whether I like it or not.  But why can't I compete?  Why can't I cut my prices, too?  If I'm saving time and money by using polyester, I should pass those saving onto my customers.  Besides, if I sell more stuff, aren't I the one winning in the end?  Not only do I get more money to put back into the weaving, but I also end up with more things to weave!  A win, win scenario!!  I love weaving for work.

Welcome to my new world of polyester yarn.

There is a craft show coming up this fall and for the last 2 years I haven't been able to sell a single handwoven item... not a single one.  My biggest sale was 3 jars of apple jelly.  Things will be different this year.  This year, I hope to master the art of selling polyester scarves.... I shall officially name them "Not Your Grandma's Polyester Scarf".

My goal is to sell 10 scarves.

 I already have orders for 2 more, thanks to Facebook!

Oh, and my nephews LOVED the scarves!  And my sister LOVED the scarves!!  She threatened to steal one from the kids, so I promised her I would make her one so the kids didn't have to share 1 scarf for their birthdays.  Here they are modeling their lovely scarves! 

The one on the right has it pulled nearly to the floor, although I assure you it really isn't that long!  Silly guys!

Mental note to self: I LOVE the short color changes!!

They pack a much more powerful punch in this pattern than the long ones like on my rainbow hounds tooth scarf.  I will keep this in mind next time I dye some wool.