Friday, September 28, 2012

The county fair

I almost didn't do the county fair this year... I decided to, then I would change my mind, then I would change it back, and then finally I said No WAY!  Then a friend from church finally talked me into it last weekend.  So at the last minute, I decided to enter my armadillo.

I also got roped into volunteering 2 nights this week to help set-up, and a 3rd night during the weekend to help gather projects and clean up.  Our local county fair is struggling pretty bad in this area, in fact, last year we almost didn't have one but because people were willing to give up their time, the fair was a go, but barely.  I figured I needed to give some of my time to this good cause.  Besides, it's good, healthy entertainment for families, and I wanted to be a supporter of it.  And everyone knows you can't support from the sidelines!

Here is the armadillo, to remind you:

This exact one belongs to someone else in Kansas, but mine looks somewhat like this one.  I like this ones eyes much better though!  They're so big and blue!

I also entered the lion and alligator in the sewing section, under the set of toys category.

I entered the overshot table runner that looked like it was colored by crayons.

I entered the blues dishtowel.

And my dyed hound's tooth scarf in the dyeing section.

Later, I remembered my cool blue and white rug, but I figured I had enough with what I entered this year!