Thursday, September 27, 2012

The gray area

This person wanted the hounds tooth design but not quite so much black.  They wanted black, white and gray.  I didn't really want to do 3 shuttles, so I came up with this plan that only uses 2 shuttles, but all 3 colors:

They loved it!

And here we go again!  Warping these is SO fast!  I will forever be jaded now.
This person wanted gray and white fringe, so that is why gray and white are here but not in the pattern.

 And it looks JUST like the picture!
This particular white is SOOOO soft!  It's almost like a phony mohair... a "pho-mohair!"

And it's off to California!!!

I had another friend request one JUST LIKE THIS ONE!  So I'll add it to my list of polyester scarves that I need to weave!

I'm going to meet my goal of 10 well before the craft show!  That means I'll have to restock my supply of polyester yarn!  Ayi yi yi!!  Who would have predicted?!