Saturday, September 15, 2012

A mistake in the pattern

There was a mistake in the Dominoes pattern that I forgot about, until now!

It's down here at the bottom.  I had made a note about it on my page before, but missed the note.  Oops!  I made an even bigger (and harder to miss) note for next time!

All better!  It's amazing how those few shots make all the difference.

It's so colorful!

So... I think I'm going to skip the scarf and make it into a table runner instead!  I know my mom would love this project!  She loves table runners, and this one is so cheerful and colorful, too!

I can't believe this yarn was dyed with kool-aide!

I plan to explore more kool-aid dyes later!


  1. Some pretty awesome color and weave patterns going on here. I just checked back through a few of them. Big kudos for all that beautiful weaving. I agree on the Hayes book. some amazing patterns, but your weaving brings them to life.

  2. What a great pattern! Does the koolaid make it smell good too?

  3. Theresa: Thanks!!

    Tina J: Yes! The kool-aid does leave a little fruity smell behind!