Sunday, September 16, 2012

A new do

After I ran through one skein of kool-aide wool, I wanted to try something new with this project.  I went to my stash and Nature Spun fingering weight yarn by Brown Sheep company in the color Bordeaux, or a red wine color.  The texture is way better, the designs are more squarish, the edges are way better, and I really like this combination of red and white.  These little pieces will just end up being small runners for the tiny pieces of furniture we have, like the top of our very small bookshelf.

But at a later date, maybe my very next project, I would like to consider a scarf in overshot.  I have yet to see one around.  I think it's more decor fabric than wearable fabric, but I've been known many times for setting my own clothing styles.

In fact, I break most rules with clothing, so it doesn't really matter if I break yet another fashion rule!

Here is my list of Bertha Gray Hayes patterns I want to consider for the real scarf: 
Jitterbug, Dominoes, The Olive, Primrose, and Stagger (in this order)

For the overall scarf, I need to improve on:
1.  The edges!  I think a 1-2-3-4 rotation of a few rounds would look a lot better than what I have going on right now.
2. I need to center this design.