Friday, October 19, 2012

A pink flop?

Things were going along really great with my polyester scarves, until the pink on pink experiment!  I had a request for an all pink hound's tooth scarf.  I dug through my collection of yarn and had these on hand, but I was unsure if the variegated would work.

In my opinion, I like the way the pinks look in this way, but it has lost the hound's tooth effect and I think that is what this person was wanting, so the way I see it, I now have a few options.

I can't decide how to finish this.  I could either finish it like this, do all black weft with this double pink warp, but I think I will completely start over with the pink and pink hound's tooth, and this time make it a solid dark pink and a solid light pink.  Hmmm... choices...