Monday, October 15, 2012

Double Weave

My sister was so excited about her scarf, she shared my picture of it with all of her friends on facebook!  Her friends loved it, so I picked up a few more orders!  Her neighbor wanted two classic black and white scarves.  I wound out a warp that was double the length of the normal scarf length, wound on a piece of yarn way off on the side that was marked in the middle, and then I wove about half of it, put 16" of paper spacers, and started another scarf.  The scarves are very close in length, one is just a few inches longer than the other.  However, I was very impressed with how close I got!  The only reason why it was off just a little bit is because my polyester yarn I was using as the length guide stretched a little bit while winding up the warp.  That will be a mental note for next time I do that... maybe I'll use cotton for the spacer next time, if I do it that way again. These scarves only take about 10 minutes to set up, so it's not like I am saving a ton of time by warping for two!

They're on their way to a much cooler climate than here!
I have several more orders coming up in this next week.  Some will be more repeats and some will be new combinations!