Wednesday, October 24, 2012

You can't do that on television.

When I was a kid, there was a funny show on cable tv called "You can't do that on television".  It was one of those bizarre shows where kids pushed the limits of what could be done.  I'm sure as an adult I would find it not only obnoxious, but I would probably blame all of society's problems on tv shows like that one.

When I first started weaving, I remember someone telling me what I could and couldn't do in weaving.  This rule was that you can only do lace weaves with cotton or other fine threads, but not wool.  I have just taken it as fact all these years.

But... I always end up pushing through the limits.

No matter what I do, I find out what the barriers are and try to think beyond those.  And it has been very apparent with the polyester yarn!  I decided to give lace weaves a try.  This skein of polyester yarn was free and so were 3 others, so I figured I had nothing to lose!  (I found them in my box at school... someone out there is looking out for me!  They saved me a few bucks anyway!)

So, here I give you hearts in lace weave with free polyester yarn!

The yarn is a wonderfully soft deep cranberry red!  And the hearts are so perfect!!  I love them!!  How can anyone claim that they can't be woven with anything other than dainty froo froo yarn??

I do admit that the edges did end up just a little bit "wrinkly" when I took the scarf off the loom, so next time I need to remember not to pack so much weft into this amount of length!  Perhaps this is why people don't weave lace with polyester yarn... but I think it has more to do with the lacy effect being lost than anything else.

Want the pattern?  Look back here.  I even have the skeleton tie-up already planned out!