Sunday, October 21, 2012

Polyester diversions

I have been incredibly busy filling orders for these polyester scarves, that I am feeling both a little stifled and bored, so I decided to take a slight diversion for the day, even though I have orders for 6 more scarves to fill!

I have been wanting for the last month to try a pinwheel scarf with the larger worsted weight polyester yarn.  It made for a neat scarf!  I like how it kind of looks like 1980's video game graphics, like the 8-bit Mario brothers games.  This is shades of green and navy:

I was going to put this away for the craft show in November, but it's already sold!  I need to hurry and get some stock made!  I have been so busy with all the orders that I haven't even had a chance to get my stock in place for the show!

I have quite a few more ideas I want to try out for scarves, like the hearts pattern in lace weave (the whole thing would fill the scarf from side to side... way cool!), waffle weave, a few different twill weaves in all the types: 4/4, 3/1, and 2/2, I want to try some shadow weave, and of course, I need to weave up some hound's tooth scarves for the show!  I have thought about putting out some general order forms for people to even request specific weaves in specific colors.  I think that would be popular, as I have seen already this month!