Thursday, October 25, 2012

Lost marbles? Check aisle 13.

We have made a gruesome discovery here in our neck of the woods.  Talk about branching out and changing opinions...

My mom and I ate at McDonald's the other day.  We usually try to avoid these types of places, but wow, I have to say over the years both their image and their food have really improved.  We both ordered off the dollar menu, and for $3 I got a double cheeseburger, a side salad, and an ice cream cone!  Wow, I was impressed by the price, how the meal didn't seem too unhealthy (considering it's fast food and all!), and it was just plain fun and all-American.

Funny that we were eating at McDonald's, because this Micky D's was also in a Wal-Mart, which has also been a forbidden place in our repertoire of places we shop.  However, my opinion is rapidly changing.  I mean, where else can you go to have a reasonable lunch for $3, get bananas, a package of socks, 98 cent fig newton-like bars, and YARN all in the same place?!

Holy moly balogna!  Yes, I said yarn!

I couldn't believe my eyes at their great selection of polyester yarns!  And the price is even better than Hobby Lobby!  Some of their skeins are bigger even!  Also, they carry peaches n' creme cotton, which I have never actually seen a supplier this close to home before.  When I used to be a knitter, I would order it online and have to pay terrible shipping prices.  But here it is without shipping attached!

An observer might think we lost our marbles with our giddiness going on in that yarn aisle!

But I saw this combination and couldn't resist!  I love the light pink and black!!

So now I have a finished scarf for the craft show.  I also need some time to weave the other 7 scarves I have on order!  Oye, I had an idea the scarves would be big, but who knew it would be THIS big?