Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Take 3! And action...

I had someone who lives in Seattle contact me through ravelry and order one of my famous hound's tooth polyester scarves.  She wanted it super duper long, like to the knees!!  So, here is a black and gray scarf that goes to the knees!  Actually, it goes to my knees and since I'm an averaged sized adult, I am hoping it also goes to her knees as well!

These scarves are getting faster and faster to weave up.  I can average one a day, even considering I work 10 hrs a day and in addition I drive about 1.5 hrs to and from work.  On weekends I can average about 3-4 scarves before I feel like I am about to go insane, then I go insane for a little while and maybe squeeze in one more for the night, sometimes not.

Anyway, to my new Seattle ravelry friend, have fun with it!  And stay warm this winter!