Friday, October 12, 2012

Pumpkins and Squash

I decided to work in the garden today, since our first freeze seems right around the corner.  I didn't want to lose the few things I knew we had!  I didn't think we had much, but once I started digging around, I was very impressed, especially since our garden was quite neglected this year.  We planted several things, but only the pumpkins grew.  The butternut squash was not planted intentionally by us, I think it came through composting!  I am fine with that though, in fact, I plan to compost these seeds so I can get some more next year.  I liked how easy they were to grow!

I spent some mega time working the two beds and clearing them out.  Do you see that tiny tomato plant in the back bed?

That's one of the things we planted that didn't survive.  I just discovered this plant with 3 whole tomatoes on it!  If it gets too close to freezing at night , I will pick these and fry them up for some fried green tomatoes!  Otherwise, I hope they turn red soon.

I filled 2 dumpsters with our garden debris!  Yikes!

I also sprayed for weeds today, cleaned out the front garden bed, and tomorrow I need to mow the lawn.  When I'm out working, I think about how for years we wished for a yard and years later we finally got one... and then sometimes we wish for a bigger yard, but when it comes to actually taking care of it, I'm glad we have a smaller yard!  I can't imagine caring for anything bigger than this!  In fact, sometimes I miss apartment life where the groundskeepers care for it all!

But the veggies and apples we can grow make it all worth it!