Monday, October 22, 2012

Regular book? Think again!

We are really working hard for prepare for the craft show.  I thought I would show you some of the really cool things my parents have come up with for the show this fall!!

Take this regular looking cookbook, for example: 

But it's not a cookbook at all, but an organizer for your small sewing stuff!

Yes, way cool!!

Look at all the little cubbies for needles, thimbles....

 ... or even weaving stuff!!!
What a cool way to up-cycle some of these old books!

Check out this spoon holder, also made form a vintage book!

My dad has also been busy making a food storage system for your canned foods.  It's adjustable for the different can sizes.  And, it's so easy to assemble that a 9 year-old can even do it!


My mom has been busy sewing cute little stuffed toys!
Here's a cute little whale made out of neat aqua-colored felt!

 And look at these cute bears!  I keep thinking how cute they would be out of handwoven fabric!

And these colorful button hearts certainly catch my eye!  They would look really neat on a Christmas tree, or even just hanging somewhere around your house!

If something catches your eye, just email me!
We're really excited for this craft show!