Saturday, December 22, 2012

1st crackle weave sampler & an edible experiment

 Here is my first sample of my crackle gamp off the loom!

It's not perfect, I see my mistakes and I know where I need to focus my efforts.

But overall, I'm very satisfied with the way it looks, and the weave order isn't all that hard!

I put on a 4 yard warp of 12/2 cotton for this practice, and it's sett is for tabby at 20 epi.  I am using the 4-shaft crackle weave, although a 6-shaft weave probably would have been a great choice, too.

Then I rotated between the pattern, x, & y colors, just like the example on page 25 of the book called Weave Classic Crackle and More by Susan Wilson.

My squint test really helps here!  Depending on your view of in-order vs. out-of-order, I personally feel that I got my warp colors slightly out of order, but I'll fix that in the next round.

Don't you just love it when experiments work out?

I love to experiment!  Not just with weaving, but also with food in the kitchen!  Most of the time it works out well, but sometimes, it doesn't.  Well, I had one of those morning when it worked out really well!

This is an experimental 11 grain cream-of-wheat like breakfast!  It's been ground to a flour-like state in my blender, boiled in water, and presto... it was super yummy cereal just like that!  I love when things work out!  I also added a handful of craisins and some chopped up walnuts.