Sunday, December 23, 2012

Washed & Sewn Crackle

All washed and ready to sew into something!

It washed up so soft and flexible!  I was afraid that this fabric would be stiff as a board, because I have been warned that it can be!  But mine washed up super soft and super pliable.  Now I just need to fix my mistakes, practice some more, and then I will probably feel comfortable enough to do some sort of project with it.  Up close, it's a pretty neat weave structure.  I really like how the colors are mingling with each other, and the texture is out of this world.  As you can see, the threads rotate between horizontal and vertical quite a bit.  I can't wait to explore this weave some more!

 I decided to turn this little sample into a little pouch!

It's so colorful and cheerful!  It's about the size of a coin-purse.

 I specifically made it to hold all our buckyballs.  Don't know what those are?  Find out here

They are actually quite educational and fun to play with.  I think of it as a no-commitment project when I play with them!  (As opposed to weaving, which is such a huge commitment!)  Buckyballs are these tiny strong magnetic balls that are meant to be a desk toy, but some children have been eating them and then it pinches their intestines together and causes a lot of damage.  They end up getting really sick and needing surgery.  If used under the normal conditions, buckyballs are a fun thing to play with.  Unfortunately, the government is taking them off the market though because of the health-risks they pose to small children.  I think of it as one advantage to not having small kids around here...

They are just a lot of fun to build little things with, mess around with, click together, and just not have to think about anything!

This is a little bit off topic, but I have been helping some weavers understand profile drafts and how to use them to convert a project to summer and winter, in order to reduce the huge floats in a project.  So, I thought I would share the stuff here.  If you can't view the original powerpoint on, I have saved each individual picture at and also helped a friend convert the whig rose draft from a profile draft to summer and winter.  It is all found at for just in case you are also interested in learning this!

Now, time to go warm up with some tea!