Tuesday, December 18, 2012

And now, the rest of the warp.

When I was in middle school and high school, I had the opportunity to carpool with my dad everyday to school.  It allowed us some great father/daughter bonding moments, lots of time to talk, and just make jokes!  One of our favorite things to listen to at 4:30 on the radio was Paul Harvey's The Rest of the Story.  I loved Paul Harvey's voice, the way he would say "Huskkkk-Varhna" for one of the advertisements, I think it was for a chainsaw!  I also loved how the story would be end with a bang, when you would find that this humble little story belongs to someone very famous and seen as very successful.  Good old Paul Harvey!  My title today reminds me of one of his segments: And now, the rest of the warp...

Back in September on Labor day weekend, I started a project on my 4-shaft loom.  I have had it sitting with the end-bits on it for quite some time!  It has looked like this for 3 months:

There was enough here to make another project like the original project, but the original project was just so much work, so I decided to just weave this off as a dishtowel.

This is a combination I came across when I was weaving the bookmarks earlier this summer, so I saved a snippet to experiment with later:

I think this will make a neat little dishtowel, AND it will be great to use up this warp!

Halleluiah!  I'm almost all caught up!

And guess what?  I got fan mail!  YES!  The REAL DEAL!

Check this out:

Isn't this adorable?  It's a little tiny envelope ornament with a little overshot tree stamp!!  It was made by Amy in Washington state, not far from where my husband grew up.  She's a true blue, through and through weave-away blog follower!  She also has a blog, and it's located at fromoneshoretoanother.blogspot.com!  I'm excited to have another blog to follow and explore!