Friday, December 14, 2012

How to make an ornament

My first few snowmen ornaments were not so great!  The snowman fabric stretched pretty badly, and I couldn't remember how I did it last year until I messed with it a bit.  So, here are my instructions to help you out and to help me out in December 2013!

First, cut all of the materials.  I measured out the snowman motif and decided a 2.5"x3.5" rectangle was perfect!

Next, make a sandwich with the whole deal by putting on the backing (right side facing out), the batting, and the snowman on top (also right side facing out).  Sew on the top edge (short edge) with a serger.

Next, sew down one side (long side) with the snowman motif facing up.


Sew down the other long side, this time the whole thing needs to be flipped upside-down while sewing.  This helps to flatten the snowman out.  The handwoven fabric tends to stretch much more than the store-bought backing does.

Make sure as you get to the end, the motif is laying flat and it's not all wrinkly as it goes through.

Last, sew up a short edge, also upside-down.  This helps the fabric not stretch out of control. Sometimes it helps to cut this edge straight before serging, but you don't have to.  Just be sure you capture all the layers of fabric in it!

This is what it should look like when you first take it off.  Notice it lays pretty flat!  Not bad!

Cut off the edges carefully.  Just stretch out the serged thread and snip it off.  

Find a helper to help thread the hangers!  This year, Brian helped with that!  He's such a good helper!

 And presto, all 102 were done in a matter a few hours!

I love making some handwoven thing to include in our Christmas letters.  My first year weaving (2010) I made these snowflake cards and glued the motif onto the front of the card:

Then people asked, "Why did you do that?  I would love it as an ornament!"  

So, last year (2011) I made these lace tree ornaments:

This year are the snowmen!  Next year, maybe the sheep?  Or Santa Claus?  Or a Reindeer?  We'll have to see!

Now, to write up the letter, pick out and update all the addresses, and send them off to their new homes!  Whew!  Christmas time is such a busy time of year!