Sunday, December 30, 2012

Crackle treadled as Summer and Winter

When I first tried the regular summer and winter weave structure, I loved it!  I loved it so much, I wrote a tutorial about it on the website in spring 2011!  You can view it here.

When I first saw in the texts the crackle treadled as summer and winter, I wasn't too impressed.  I was actually trying to avoid doing summer and winter with crackle, but this sample warp is so very long and I ran out of everything else I wanted to do with it already!  I mean, as a whole, this summer and winter in crackle sample still doesn't move me much:

I think it's those half filled in squares... I mean, what are they supposed to be?  They look clumsy, sloppy, and half-done in-between the full ones and empty ones.

But when you get really close...

I mean REALLY CLOSE, and look at the color interactions, it's a really great weave! 

I think I like crackle treadled as summer and winter more now than I did 15 minutes ago!
Maybe it will wash up nicely, too!

Here are some more summer and winter experiments!

12/2 treadled the same as above (1a 2b 2a 1b)
PS.  Some of these look curved, like a smile, because I have my floating threads under tension still and it's pulling it off balance!

12/2 treadled as 1a2b

8/2 weft treadled as 1a2b

This last crackle experiment is my most favorite sample of all the summer and winter samples!  I really like how balanced it feels, like there is a light square, med square, and dark square and it's balanced in each square.  I also like how it looks.  Oddly, this one also looks the most like one of the more traditional crackle weaves!