Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Bonus dishtowel

Alas, I finally took a day to just power through the snowman warp by making a plain weave dishtowel.  I made one row of snowmen and the rest is plain weave.  If you remember, the back of this weave looks a little funny because it's all the opposites (since it's summer and winter) so I decided to put the snowmen on one side.  It makes it less likely to see the other not-as-pretty side!

My edges were so much better on this towel because I knew that I couldn't just sew them off and cut and hide my sloppiness!  So I definitely took my time to make them look gorgeous! 

Now that I think about it, I really did warp enough for 100 snowmen and a dishtowel, so I guess I just unintentionally followed my original plans!

But nothing beats having an empty loom right now!  I've felt so much more inspired by the looks of the empty loom than I have in a few weeks.  I'm glad the weaving of the snowmen is done, now I just need to sew them.  In fact, here is my order of projects, and only the first two are time-sensitive:

1.  Sew up snowmen ornaments.
2. Make 2 more houndstooth scarves for friends who purchased them as x-mas gifts.
3.  Start AND finish my cousin's scarf to match her hat.
4.   Weave off the remainder of my 4-shaft loom.  It is a twill pattern, so I'm just going to make some colorful dishtowels.
5.  Make some curtains for my front and back door windows so creepy tall people can't spy on us.
6.  Work on something from my own head.... I already have a pattern picked out!