Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Bigger rainbow weft sections

For this experiment, I went through 4 complete rotations of each color on the same warp, so I did a treadling pattern of A-B-C-D for each color sequence.  Then I would drop one color and add in the next color, so the first rotation was purple, red, orange for 4 treadling rotations, then I dropped the purple and had red, orange, and yellow, for 4 treadling rotations, etc.


For the next experiment, I want to figure out if a slightly tighter epi would work well.  The fabric I am currently weaving is kind of on the loose side, because I am not using a thicker yarn for weft, it is three strands that are all the same size.

I also want to use a weaving program to experiment with weft colors, like what would it look like if I had a rotation of 4 columns of red, 4 orange, 4 yellow, etc and threaded each of them as A-B-C-D.  Or what would it look like if I continued with 1 column of each color and just had more repeats, forward backwards forward (like ROYGBIV-IBGYOR vs. ROYGBIV-ROYGBIV).

I hope everyone had a great Christmas!  I'm very overly excited about the gift from my hubby!  He bought me a lazy kate from Paradise Fibers!!  I am so excited that my plies aren't going to be tangling up anymore while I spin them together!!!  I can't wait to "give it a spin"!

Here are a few other favorite gifts that we got this year:

a bamboo cutting board from my dad... it looks like woven wood!

Another sheep painting from my mom... I like how dark the background is and how the sheep really stands out. 

And this glass brick from my sister-in-law.  It's so beautiful, I want to leave it out all year long to enjoy!  It has spent the last few days plugged in and it's just a perfect amount of light for a relaxing evening!