Friday, December 28, 2012

Two & One weft colors

This one is also with a sett of 25, and 2 weft colors that are the same size.  The purple is used as the tabby and the green is the pattern weft.

It doesn't do a whole lot for me... just kind of plain after that rainbow from yesterday!  I think a solid warp would look better.

This crackle experiment used only 1 color of thread, and it was the same size as the warp threads.

The colors look only ok.  Like the above pattern, I'm sure if it was a solid warp, it would look better .  You can vaguely make out the diagonal stair-step design. 

But the one thing it does have is a very interesting texture!  Like I said before though, with a solid warp, it might be able to be pulled off.

Or maybe a striped warp, like do one step in red, one step in orange, one in yellow, etc.