Saturday, December 1, 2012

Last of the Snowman Experiments

 I decided to try one last experiment with the snowman motif.  I decided to spin some of my 12/2 white cotton so it would be doubled.  It made a very coarse and thick thread.

While I was at it, I tried a few experiments for down the road!  Here is 4-ply with 12/2 cotton:

3-ply with 12/2 cotton:

And 2-ply with 12/2 cotton:

I have some ideas I want to use those other plies for!  I think it would make some great dishtowels, and having some different colors like that might be a fun experiment!

Anyway, here is the snowman with the re-spun cotton pattern weft:

Next to the one I did the other day with just the pattern weft doubled, I think it doesn't look quite as good.  I like the one with the pattern thread doubled because it lays flatter and shows more color. 

However, these samples have not been washed yet, so we'll wash them and see!  It would be much easier to do the one on the left because I wouldn't have to spin the thread first, but I'm willing to do it if it makes a better snowman!

Here are some up close pictures of both!

Pattern thread doubled, but not spun together:

2 strands of pattern thread spun together:

I love holiday weaving!  I keep thinking to myself about how if I do these as ornaments, I should put on some extra warp and make myself a dishtowel with a snowman row on the bottom.  It would be so cute and wintery!